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I work with some of the best inventors, scientists, and engineers in the world.

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Ken with the tso
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Jazz & Contemporary

Hey, it's Ken.

I'm a tech entrepreneur and musician.

I've performed at some of the largest concert halls around the world and now spend most of my time bringing new technologies to market, building teams of artist-engineers, and connecting strategic investment to highly scaleable ventures.

The Humanistic Intelligence Lab is an organization of inventors, artist-engineers, and entrepreneurs. The lab has spawned companies in Silicon Valley, NYC, Toronto, and Shenzhen building wearable technologies, musical instruments, and... a hyperloop.

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Splashtones makes hydraulophones, the world's first instrument that makes music using water. Our hydraulophones can be found all around the world including USA, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, and Australia.

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Shoot me an email:

kenjamin [dot] yang [at] gmail